Heavy Industry Cleaning Clothes
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SLABPACK - White Soft KnitSLABPACK - White CottonSLABPACK - TowellingSLABPACK - White Sheeting


There are many different shape size and styles of wiping rags available on the market. We deal in most of them and can help you make the right choice. The right rags for the right job.


Fashion is a circular concept. Making Second-hand clothing a way to enjoy great clothes. From designer to rags we have a great variety. Browse what is available on the shop today


From Rags to Riches. One mans trash is another man’s treasure. From designer labels to second-hand clothing.  Our shop has what you are looking for in rags and clothing

Rags, Rags and more Rags.

Our core business of sourcing and redistributing rags, wipers, cloths, etc. Hasn’t changed. We continue to supply all types of business with rags to clean up any mess. We supply the following types of soft wipers to companies and businesses in Australia and the world

We can supply one bag or many bags to suit your needs. We can also ship all over Australia but prefer to ship in larger quantities (pallet). But if you require something different or would like a better price on bulk purchases. Call us on 1800 754 754 or complete the form on the Contact Us

Clothing – Near new and used.

If you care about the environment and owning heaps of awesome stuff in equal measure, the best possible thing you can do is to buy things second-hand. Designer clothing is a particularly savvy area in which to shop for used items, since the products tend to be better made in the first place, and to have been treated with more care by their original owners than high street wares.

Don’t be wary of buying used clothes. While a piece might occasionally be re-sold due to structural issues, more often than not, women – and particularly label-fans – sell clothes because of sizing, cash-flow or personal style issues.

Our business is to sell bulk and not individual items. So if you are looking to buy a bale or two or a container load. We can help, otherwise we can direct you to a more appropriate outlet.

Bulk Buy Rags - Export

We buy in bulk and can sell in bulk.

If you are the type of company or organisation that wants to partner with us and buy in bulk. Give us a CALL.

We sell high quality used Australian clothing, shoes and bags available for export. We export to many parts of the world. Middle East, Africa and many other countries.

Our clothing is of a high standard and compressed into and packaged to suit the buyers needs.

While we can easily fill containers for export, we also support customers who need smaller amounts to suit. To discuss your needs, contact our sales team on 1800 754 754

Want to know which type of rags suits your business.

We have been in the industry for many years. Which means, we know rags. Our team of expert Rags selectors has put together a great chart for you to use and select the right rags for your industry, business type and work being performed.

When it comes down to it, we know exactly what our customers are looking for in the wiping cloths and rags they order. To find out more about our selection or to place your next order, give us a call today!

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